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    Surwit Technology studies the Rapid Food Additive Detection scheme

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    Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance. Some additives have been used for centuries; for example, preserving food by pickling (with vinegar), salting, as with bacon, preserving sweets or using sulfur dioxide as in some wines. With the advent of processed foods in the second half of the 20th century, many more additives have been introduced, of both natural and artificial origin. Food additives can be divided into several groups, although there is some overlap between them. At present, China has 23 categories, 2000 kinds of food additive, include acids, acidity regulators, antifoaming agents, antioxidants, bulking agents, food coloring, color retention agents, emulsifiers, flavors , flavor enhancers, flour treatment agents, glazing agents, humectants, tracer gas, preservatives, stabilizers, sweeteners and thickeners.
    Adults eat about 80 to 90 food additive everyday
    Kimchi has stain, jelly has antiseptic; a ice cream contains 16 kinds of food additives and a bag instant noodles have 14 kinds of food additive; Nearly 90% food has additive, adults can not avoid to eat 80 to 90 food additive.
    Food additive is not terrible, neither abuse, illegal use is terrible
    Reasonable food additives use does good to the rich food production and human health promotion. But food additive, after all, is not food natural ingredients, improper use or harmful additive can bring certain harm to human body health.
    In recent years, food safety problems emerge endlessly, food additives abuse, illegal use phenomenon has frequency exposure, and our daily life food additives are everywhere lead dare to eat.
    Surwit technology (Hangzhou) Inc., as a sense of social responsibility of high-tech enterprises, is actively study the liquid chromatograph scheme to detect the food additive. Now we plan to launch next year.
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